Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thankful Thursday #5 - The Beach

This is a watercolor I did - I love to paint plein air
Thankful Thursday is my weekly discipline - to express my gratitude to Hashem for His over-flowing, abundant blessings.  

I am grateful to live near the ocean.  When I feel stressed or just need to be refreshed, a trip to the water is just the ticket.  The waves, the breeze, the birds, the shells...all are medicine to heal my soul.  If I have the time to paint, that is even more joy!  When I paint, the world stops and I am in a little bit of heaven.

Someone told me long ago to take my worries and cares about my loved ones to the sea.  There, I was to pray about my concerns, and then try to stop the waves.  Ridiculous, right?  I have no more control over other people than I do the waves of the sea.  My loved ones, just like the waves are in the mighty hands of ADONAI.  Just as I trust Him to keep the waves from overflowing the land, I must trust HIm to handle the concerns of my loved ones.
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